1010bet -> 2023년 #3) daily 10월 (CO / Mixing 2일 UG #1 4-bet quiz facing feedback

5% Spot #1{Avg stack is 60bb}Hero is placed in CO with KJs of diamondug opens to 2. 5% / Fold 51. UG 20bb RFI55 -> Raise to 2bb 48. {All ranges from GTO wizard are based on cEV} 1.

Spot #2{Avg stack is 40bb}Hero is placed in SB with 108s of diamond+2 opens to 2. 4bbWhat should hero do?–> Call 100% –> ??-> Hero’s 3-betting range When opponent is solid player, we can sometimes 3-bet with KJs and call opponent’s 4-bet. 3bbug 4-bets to 15. 1bbhero 3-bets to 6.

9bb (3/4 of pot) 85%-> RYEI agree with wizard action frequency. Spot #3{Avg stack is 30bb}Hero is placed in UG with 108s of spadehero opens to 2bbbtn calls Flop 7 3 3 t of spadeWhat should hero do?–> Check 15% / Raise to 4. Squeeze jamming range – AQo+, K10s, KJs, 1010. 3bbbtn callsWhat should hero do?–> Fold 57% / Call 43%-> RYE -> Wizard Squeezing range – AJs+, KQs, Q9s, A10o+, 88+(except 1010).

6bb (1/4 of pot)What should hero do?–> Fold 22% / Call 62% / Raise to 8. Spot #4{Avg stack is 30bb}Hero is placed in +2 with 55ug opens to 2bbhero calls Flop Q J 2 rug c-bets to 1. So we should mostly mix check and 55% pot bet. 10 high flush is not a powerful card to go to showdown against BTN.

-> Hero’s range. Most of the c-betting range should have Kx. 2x) 12%-> RYE -> UG action range. 4bb(5.

6bb(1/2 of pot) 53%-> RYE-> CO action range. 8bb(1/4 of pot) 25% / Raise to 3. Spot #5{Avg stack is 30bb}Hero is placed in BTN with Q9s of cloverco opens to 2bbhero calls Flop A 10 8 rco checksWhat should hero do?–> Check 22% / Raise to 1. We should call quite often than we first thought because UG has to mostly c-bet with Kx or Ax.

7bb(55% of pot) to realize our equity. We obvious have to raise to 3. -> Hero’s range.

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